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    Please help! Need input on simple app


      I want to develope and create an iphone app using adobe flex 4.5 for php.

      What I need to do would be to connect to our Sqlserver db and grab and display images as well as have the capability to upload a photo to the db from your iphone or smartphone.

      I am only about a week in to programming and I have watched all of the videos but am still having trouble gettnig just a basic outline together of how i can get it to work and if anyone had some sample code that they have written or could just take some time out of their day to explain how exactly i could figure out how to do this or have a good resource. I just want to use php to build this what should be a simple app and it is just so frustrating so any and all help would be appreciated.

      if you could please respond on here or email me at devadams@gmail.com and help me answer a couple questions would be invaluable to me. thanks

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          drkstr_1 Level 4

          1) Get a basic hello world app up and running that connects to your PHP backend and send back a simple response (don't put in any of your business logic at this point, just keep it simple to test the connection)




          2) Create a component that takes an IList (ArrayCollection for example) of data objects used to display your images. This can be done fairly easily using a List, a custom itemRenderer, and some kind of layout (TileLayout for example). When creating this component, just feed it sample data hard coded into your app.


          3) Go back to your PHP backend and modify it so it now returns data in the format you used in step 2.


          4) Call the remote service you created, and assign the result to your component.


          5) ????


          6) Profit!




          If you run into problems along the way, start a new thread for that specific problem. Give a thurough explanation of what you are trying to accomplish, include sample code, and describe what your expectations are for what the code should do, and what it is/isn't doing instead.


          Cheers and good luck!