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    Beta of Any Filter, a new search plugin

    johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

      I finally found time to finish the Any Filter plugin, which provides search capabilities similar to Smart Collections but with many more searchable photo fields and many more operators for comparing fields. You can search over any photo field or setting that’s visible in LR and many that aren’t (for a total of 251), including IPTC Extension, GPS location, library properties, develop settings, and plugin fields. The additional operators include exact text match, matching regular expressions, distinguishing explicit from implicit ancestor keywords, treating text fields as numeric, and including other saved Any Filters and Smart Collections.


      You can download the free beta here.  If you try it, please give feedback about whether you find it useful, too complicated, what’s missing, what’s broken, etc. (a private message on the forum would be fine).  I think the plugin pushes the limits of the Lightroom SDK, and perhaps it’s pushed too far?


      There are many examples provided – see here for a list of examples and a list of all the searchable fields.