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    Subclip Madness - Convert from FCP


      So as it says in the title, I have made the switch from FCP to Premier, like many others. Overall I am pretty happy as the findamentals seem to be the same, also I am getting deeper into AFX so

      the inergration is definitely nice. However I have started my first full on project with Premier and the way I usually edit is:


      1] Import footage, I usually have atleast 500 - 1400 clips, I shoot using a DSLR.

      2] I organize all my clips into relevant bins.

      3] I then make subclips out of each main clip - removing excess footage I dont need or stuff that I think isnt good enough leaving me with the best possible video content for me to pick and choose from while I edit.

      4] Build my timeline etc etc etc


      You get the point.


      Now the first issue I am very concerned about which has already been mentioned in the forum is the lack of a "remove subclip limits" option in Premiere. What this does in FCP, is basically if I for some reason need to extend

      or resize my subclip, I can "remove its limits" and then go ahead in doing so, I did this a lot, it was very helpful.


      In Premier this is not present, anyone from FCP with a similar workflow run into this issue? Perhaps you have come up with some kind of workaround or something, if so please share.


      Now my second grievence, basically everytime I create a subclip, instead of just appearing below the main clip, it appears as the last clip in the bin, so I have to scroll all the way back up and relocate the main clip in order to see

      if the subclip was alright or if I want to make more subclips.


      Sometimes the clip will appear outside any of the bins just by itself and I have to hunt it down, this is really frustrating and this alone is making me actually look at video reviews of FCP X even though I know I will probably never use it.


      I have tried changing the ay the window with all the media is arranged, by name, label whatever, this keeps happening.


      Help, before I throw a large object at my monitor.


      Thanks in advance.

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          shooternz Level 6



          You can "remove the sub clip limits" in Premiere.  It is just not called that and I am not in front of an NLE  computer to advise you what it is actually called. (Maybe  Edit Subclip - check in the manual / help file).




          Premiere tends to store files in an open folder. It has no random intelligence of its own to piss you off.


          If no folders are open it appends them to the bottom of the project.  Below the Bins.

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            motioneccentrica Level 1

            I was trying to figure this out, but for the life of me couldnt, any help would be much appreciated.


            Also the subclips usually go to the end of the bin or outside it, never just below its master clip, highly frustrating..

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              My advice would be to rethink your work flow with step 3.  Subclips were important when people were capturing whole tapes at a time, with multiple and varied scenes all in one clip.  With the advent of Scene Detection and given that tapeless cameras record all clips individually, the need for subclips has largely been nullified.


              Just set your Ins and Outs, and use them as clips.

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                shooternz Level 6

                ....go to your Clip menu at the top of your Workspace, and click on Edit Subclip. The subclip will have the Master clip start and end times that are listed in the “Edit Subclip” dialog box.


                Read more: How to Create a Subclip in Adobe Premiere Pro | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_2278169_create-subclip-adobe-premiere-pro.html#ixzz1hr8Cjt33



                I also suggest what Jim advised.  Your workflow with so many clips is like doubling up your efforts and time.


                FWIW Subclips are not actually "removing excess footage". They are simply a pre edit.  THere are probably reasons to use them but I cant thin kof one and havent used them since DV capture days.


                The subclip will not be next to the master clip because of the filename.  Organise that differently and do a column sort if that is really important to you.

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                  motioneccentrica Level 1

                  Scene detection is not really going to work for me because I film music concerts. When I am shooting the live performances, I shoot several clips from several angles for a 4 hour show.

                  I then end up with 100's of clips for a show, the scene detection would work if I had one long piece of video or a tape.


                  Also @shooternz


                  I figured that out, however it is extremely buggy. When I do indeed change the media start time, I can extend the size of the clip, however if I for some reason delete the clip and then drag the subclip back to the timeline I cannot then resize it, and if I try to change the media start times again, it shows the previously altered start time and then doesnt affect the subclip on the timeline at all regardless of the star or end points.


                  Also when I do create a subclip, it goes to the bottom of the bin, regardless of the sorting, may it be by column or whatever, this is immensely frustrating as I have to keep scrolling all over the place.


                  Also one really annoying thing about premiere is the fact that if I want to preview something, like a clip/subclip/audio file, I have to click the tiny little icon/thumbnail on the left hand side of its name or title, I often miss the little icon becuase I edit quickly and clicking anywhere else will open up the dialog box for importing footage, this again is a real peeve.


                  Dont get me wrong, I want to like Premiere but the deeper I am getting into this project the more I am finding tiny issues with Premiere pop up.