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    How to validate the form per process step?


      How to do this:


      a process uses a PDF form (not XDP), because the form has digital signature fields.  It has several User steps, the input and output of these User tasks is a Document variable.


      Before each User submits the form (by clicking an Action button in the WorkSpace window), I want to check the form to make sure the section on the form (that this user is responsible for) does not have errors.

      If it has error, I want to pop up a message and prevent the user from submitting the form.




      When the form is an XDP and the input-output is an XML variable, I use a hidden flag field to store the name of each User step; the field value is set by the Process map. 

      The javascript on the form can check the flag value and knows which sections on the form it needs to check/validate.


      But that technique doesn't seem to work when the form is PDF....

      so, how to do it?