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    Where can you get sound fx in bulk?


      So i already have final cut studio which has soundtrack and has a bunch of sound fx. However... all i can seem to find online is places that sell sounds individually? Anyone know of any good big bundles you can buy that have a lot of good high quality motion picture sound effects?

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you Google "Sound Effects Library" you'll have a bunch of choices. Prices for entire libraries range from about $20 to tens of thousands of dollars. Licensing depends on the project. I'd limit anything that I bought to royalty free. There are literally millions of sound effects available on the net for instant download. In forty years of producing movies and videos I've only purchased one sound effects library. It was for cartoon sounds and I needed it for an ongoing project. For everything else I've always picked out and paid for only the sound effects I've needed for the project. It would really help us point you to a useful collection if we knew what you were looking for.

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