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    variable auto-scrolling text

    visible noise

      first post on here!

      I'm fairly new to flash so sorry for my ignorance in advance. (only been using flash cs3 for a few months, mainly self taught)


      I'm currently trying to add an autoscrolling text box. The text that will display in the box will be variable. I want this text to then scroll left and right to display all the characters.

      I have added a scrollbar from the components, but i want the text to scroll by itself rather than have to drag the scrollbar manually if the text string is too long.

      How do i create the variable text entry?

      How do i make that variable text scroll?


      What im working on is a very simple game. After the into screen i want a box to ask for the names of two teams. The player types in the variables. The text entered is then displayed in the respective text boxes, IF the text is too long to all fit in the box i want it to autoscroll, if it fits then no scrolling is necessary.