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    Can only print A4


      Hello folks, this is my first wueation in this forum so, I Hello everyone first of all.


      It might not be my last since I work with Acrobat at many customers and they find all kind of strange errors and behaviour.


      Lets see i fI can describe the problem despite I am no native english speaker:

      My actual problem is with Acrobat Reader X: I have an HP plotter that works just fine on every one of the 60 compuiters and with every program, EXCEPT Acrobat Reader X. When I downgrade to Reader 9 it works, too.

      I'vesearched every menyu item in Reader X, I've tried to upgrade the plotter driver and connect the printer manually, nothing works.
      All Workstations use Windows Vista or Windows 7 and all have the newest Service packs and upgrade status.


      When I want to print a big document in - let's say A1 or A0 it refuses to change the Paper format away from A4. It always is A4 and stays that way whatever I click. Even if I upscale the piucture to A0, it shows me a tiny Area of A4 size and ONLY prints this area instead of printing the whole thing on A0 from the roll.


      I uploaded 2 Screenshots for you guys to see:




      Bug or feature?`Any ideas about that? I dont want to be stuck on Reader 9 all the time.