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    RE: stevenLandau's PM and my IconResource Utility

    Chunick Level 3

      You're profile does not allow PMs, apparently (funny that this forum would still allow you to send PMs to others... oh well). So, to answer your question, the error you are getting suggests that something is messed up as the Xtras folder in the root directory of the IconResource app should contain the Shell Xtra - but doesn't in your current situation. You can download the zipped file again from here:

      For others wanting to know what the IconResource Utility is - apparently D11 publishing options do not properly save an icon file into the resource of the .exe so I created this utility which must be used on the Projec32.skl file to save your icon to it before publishing (which means DON'T use the icon option in the publishing utility at all). It's a bit of a crappy workaround because I'm just creating a front end interface for a command line utility that someone else created which only deals with resource files, so if you try using it on your published .exe it will strip out the resource, discard all the other packed data in the PE and leave you with essentially the .skl file and your brand new icon... however, if you are used to using the projec32.skl file as a stub, an .ini file to launch your .dir or protected .dxr then you're pretty well set with the IconResource utility.