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    CS5 - Create User Interfaces

    Toto RoToTO Level 3

      Actually, I'm trying to create UIs. As far as I know, I understand, this can be done using Flex.

      So, I have downloaded and installed FlashBuilder. Creating / compiling UI projects is not the main issue. This is working pretty fine.


      Once this created, you need to create a package (using Extension Builder), in order to register it (using Extension Manager).


      Right now, I do not have the tool to create those package.

      So, my questions are:


      - Where should I get the FlashBuilder plugin to create such a package?

      - Should I be a member of Adobe's programs to get those tool?

      - What the point of all this?

                - We need to pay to get FlashBuilder for creating UIs,

                - Then we still need to pay to be able to create package, otherwise we cannot use what we have done!



      Let me know if I'm wrong, It seems weird to me!




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          Toto RoToTO Level 3

          I have finally managed to know how I can do that.

          First, download FlashBuilder. Then you have to install ExtensionBuilder plugin.


          After doing that, you should have Extension Builder project template avaible from project creation menu.

          Then, you will have to set your project properties.

          ExtensionBuilder plugin is now avaible without having to subsribe to any of Adobe programs.