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    Project Corruption


      Hello Everybody,


      System Info (Working on cs 5, 8gb ram, 2 tb raid, i5, 1 gb graphics card)


      Am stuck in a quite a situation. Before the christmas holidays, I was working on a project, which was running perfectly. Took two days off for the vacation, come back and the session has started creating issues.


      1. Takes ages to load media.

      2. Takes ages to reflect any change i am making.

      3. When trying to save it as a new project, the project file size has more than doubled for some reason even though no changes have been made.


      So here are my questions

      1. Any idea, what just happened?

      2. If I want to just copy one sequence from this project to a freshly created and logged project, how do i do that?




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          Powered by Design Level 4

          You might want to find your Auto-Save folder and check if one of those are working.


          Do this before it overwrites itself if possible.


          I would copy those files before opening and that way you have a second backup if it works.




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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            If you are still using a version before 5.03, update to 5.03 since there was a bug that caused project size bloating in earlier versions.

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              voxL Level 1

              This just  happened to me also (2 files) - hours of work from last nite down the drain!!!  Totally inexcusable.

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                pradeeptoroy Level 1

                Well mine got sorted. I updated the program as was suggested by Harm and

                also DELETED all the preview and render files. project size dropped back to

                just 10 MB.


                Try these two and hope all works out.



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                  voxL Level 1

                  I'm running v5.5.2.

                  I deleted the tmp files as you suggested and I'm able to open both projects without crashing Premiere.

                  Interestingly, the project imported into AE without crashing.

                  Apparently the project file itself is not corrupt, its a nasty bug in Premiere....

                  Thanks VERY much for following up, I had written Premiere (and several hours of my time) off completely.

                  Nonetheless, downloading Vegas...

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                    voxL Level 1

                    A followup.

                    Deleting my tmp files no longer prevents Premiere from crashing when I open my last project.

                    This is a pretty simple file.

                    Any other suggestions?


                    Fault Module Name:ImageRenderer.dll
                      Fault Module Version:


                    I seldom use Premiere, but at this point I don't see how I could have any confidence in it as a  tool.

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                      davidbeisner2010 Level 3

                      Premiere is an excellent tool, and it's stability on thousands of machines is a testament to it's excellence. We do often have folks who report issues, but generally those issues are related to a specific problem on that person's machine. Rarely are those issues the fault of Premiere/Adobe. If you can supply us with more information about your specific machine (all the hardware specs/software specs), along with information about your project (type of footage, where it came from, what codec, what size, what sequence preset you're using, etc.), we might be able to help you troubleshoot your problem.


                      Either way, don't blame a highly successful, very stable piece of software for your problem unless the problem is a known bug in the software.

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                        voxL Level 1

                        Thanks David:

                        Contrary to the subject of this thread, I've discovered that the project files are not corrupt, though the '.prmdc' files might be.

                        What is happening is that Premiere usually crashes when attempting to open my project files - the screen developes a transparent white overlay and I get the Windows message that Premiere has stopped working.  Closing Premiere through the Windows dialogue box doesn't work, so I force its closure using the Task Manager/process termination.


                        I've done quite a bit of testing to see if I can figure out what is going on.

                        I have had some success by deleting all the associated 'Preview' files in the project dir and also the '.prmdc' files in C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Premiere Pro\5.5\Metadata Caches

                        I have 2 files (versions of my current project) in which this has happened.  Let's call them projectA and projectB.  ProjectA is older and is no longer of value as a production file, so starting over is not an option.  As I've attempted to figure out what is going on w/the crashing, I've found that, with no rhyme or reason, one or the other will open without crashing Premiere.  But that said, I can't reliably count on opening either one.


                        In today's testing, the projectA is opening consistently and not crashing when I scroll through it.   After opening projectA and scrolling through it a few times, I closed it and opened projectB.  Premiere allowed me to scroll through projectB, but after closing it and quitting/relaunching Premiere, the crashing recurred.  When just scrolling through the projects, Pr doesn't write any files to the 'Preview' dirs, but it does write '.prmdc' files.  When I delete the .prmdc file for projectB, I am able to open it.  So it would appear that Pr is writing .prmdc files for projectB that cause it to crash when it reads them back in on restart.  I'm working in AE at this point in the project, so I'm not able to test if this fix is reliable enough for use in production.  If you would like copies of the .prmdc files, let me know.


                        The project itself is quite simple.

                        All of the source video is 864x486 mp4 files saved from either Premiere or After Effects.

                        In addition there are some audio files - a mixture of mp3 and 16 bit .wav.

                        The most complex aspect in the file is that some of the tracks are slowed down or sped up.  There are no nested compositions.


                        Project Settings

                        864x486, 24fps

                        Preview Format - Microsoft AVI

                        Codec - Intel IYUV


                        Ext Device: None

                        Aspect Ratio Conversion Hardware (if supported)

                        24 p Conversion Method: Interlaced

                        Disable video in background is enabled.




                        i7 980

                        24 GB Ram

                        SUS SABERTOOTH X58 Motherboard

                        Win7 Pro x64

                        nVidia QuadroFX 4600.  Driver 275.89

                        Kingston HyperX 240.0 GB Solid State Drive


                        Indexing turned off on the drive.

                        nVidia Control Panel is set to use default Premiere settings.


                        Crash Message:

                        Problem Event Name:    APPCRASH

                        Application Name:    Adobe Premiere Pro.exe

                        Application Version:

                        Application Timestamp:    4e960e56

                        Fault Module Name:    ImageRenderer.dll

                        Fault Module Version:

                        Fault Module Timestamp:    4e95f50d

                        Exception Code:    c0000005

                        Exception Offset:    00000000001756df

                        OS Version:    6.1.7601.

                        Locale ID:    1033

                        Additional Information 1:    d922

                        Additional Information 2:    d922b4a2cf4e926b618d53a3e85bdfb3

                        Additional Information 3:    3ff6

                        Additional Information 4:    3ff628447fccf1c1d0e25fc5bb9efca2

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                          davidbeisner2010 Level 3

                          Ok, first off I'll just say that I'm not a specs pro, so I may have missed something below, but I don't see anything that looks out of the ordinary to me. Random crashes like that are almost always attributable to a hardware issue, and I've found the two most common culprits are memory and power supply. I'd recommend running the me test program on your memory to see if that shows any issues. If not, I'd look towards the power supply. I know of no way to stress test a power supply, but there are programs which let you see the actual voltages of the various outputs in real time. I'd suggest having a program like that open while running the Prime95 stress test. If the voltages are not what they should be, you may well have found your problem. If they are correct, then I'm not sure what the next step would be...


                          Good luck, and post back your findings...

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                            voxL Level 1


                            I've been doing this for 20 years - using the Adobe suite since the beginning.  Surely, computer problems are a black box, but I highly doubt this is a hardware problem - too much correlation with deleting the .prmdc files for it not be releated to those files.

                            I'm also running Maya and After Effects, I don't think they would tolerate a major RAM problem.


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                              Metalhead Media UK

                              I'm having these same issues and I'm wondering if there is anyone from Adobe support reading and investigating these issues? Let me explain my issue. I'm editing footage from a live music event, I have already edited and exported media for 4 other bands using this process and its been fine, until this band; I'm using the Multi Camera tool for ease of swapping between shots for the final cut. I would like to point out that all the footage was shot using the same settings and cameras.

                              When I enable Multi Camera on this particular equence I get this:

                              Problem signature:

                                Problem Event Name:    APPCRASH

                                Application Name:    Adobe Premiere Pro.exe

                                Application Version:

                                Application Timestamp:    4e960e56

                                Fault Module Name:    ImageRenderer.dll

                                Fault Module Version:

                                Fault Module Timestamp:    4e95f50d

                                Exception Code:    c0000005

                                Exception Offset:    000000000014c59d

                                OS Version:    6.1.7601.

                                Locale ID:    2057

                                Additional Information 1:    6477

                                Additional Information 2:    6477e51d01b9a88b251d9b78bc5a2836

                                Additional Information 3:    3780

                                Additional Information 4:    3780a0fe58a98b9f8a6a42127d789e6c


                              It happens at the same point every time which is at timestamp  00:19:30:05 of the multicam enabled sequence.

                              If I do not enable Multi camera then the sequence runs fine and I can watch or scrub through with no crash. Its only happeneing with this sqeuence, I've even tried deleting the whole lot and starting fresh, same result, it crashes. I have checked over my individual video files and they seem fine.


                              Its not My Hardware because it's only happening with this sequence not the other 4, now for the interesting part.


                              In the multicam sequence I have 3 cameras, Camera 2 and 3 get past that point when enabled as the master shot, Camera 1 is the one causing the crash. when Multicam isnt enabled camera 1 is the master shot and does not crash......... Any suggestions as to why this might be?

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                                davidbeisner2010 Level 3

                                ImageRenderer.dll would make me wonder if you have a still image at that

                                point on your timeline that is either a) corrupted somehow, or b) too big.

                                Is that the case?

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                                  Metalhead Media UK Level 1

                                  I don't think there is to be honest, I have reviewed the footage of camera 1 inside anod outside of CS5 and it's fine, it's only causing an issue when its playing as the master shot with multicam enabled. Disable multicam and the crash does not happen

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                                    voxL Level 1

                                    I doubt I have multicam enabled (don't even know what it is).  Where do I look?

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                                      Metalhead Media UK Level 1

                                      If you don't know about multicam then it's unlikely youre using it so I dont think that will be causing your problem. I solved the crash issue by chopping out the offending frames and switching to a different camera.


                                      Multicam is used when you add markers to videos so you can align them, then make a new sequence, drag the original sequence in to the new one, right click on the master shot and click on Enable multicam. Sorry, I've only been using this program for a few days myself.


                                      To have a look at the results of multicam check out the Crysis video in the media section of www.metalheadmedia.co.uk, its a rough cut but that 30 min video was edited in about 40 mins.

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                                        voxL Level 1

                                        With some help from some folks at CGTalk, it appears that I have resolved my Premiere crashing problem.

                                        I killed all my resident apps and Premiere has been working properly, so hopefully I'm good to go.

                                        The apps are Skype, Malware Bytes, Open Office Starter, Carbonite, and Fastone Capture.

                                        At some point maybe I will identify the culprit.

                                        Thanks for the various suggestions, maybe this will help others.