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    Flex Test Drive for Mobile: no connection to online database on device, only via desktop emulator


      I've been following the Flex Test Drive for Mobile tutorial.


      Everything works just fine as it is shown in the tutorial up to the point when it comes to testing the app on a connected device.


      I made all the necessary adjustments (amf_config.ini,  endpoint URL,...) to connect my application to my production server on the internet.

      When I run the debug version on my desktop, the employee data is pulled successfully from my mysql database, so I guess the PHP/ZendFramework settings

      should be OK.



      The app can't connect to my remote database when I run it on my device (Galaxy Tab 10.1).

      I even installed the debug version on my iPhone and can't connect to my webserver either.

      (So this cannot be an Android problem, right?)


      Appreciate your ideas!


      I'm completely at a loss.