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    My text gets wobbly when I rotate the text box...


      Dear all!


      As a fresh one I arrive sometimes at points that I need some problem solving advice!


      In InDesıgn I have create a text box and added text. Afterwards I rotate the box. Initially for 15degrees but saw that my text was getting drunk.. Than I reduced the rotation but the text coulnt get ıt sober and line straight up.. It just looks a bit wobbly..


      Anyone an advice for this because I would love to rotate my text a bit!


      Many thanks in advance!

      Have a nice day, Manon

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          This is more than likely only a problem on the screen, and your prints will be fine. It happens because of the lim ited number of screen pixels available to display the type (if you zoom in, you should see the number of "steps" in your jagged lines increase), and the fact that pixels are square and can only be on or off. All sloped lines are built like a staircase. On the screen you can see this, but in print the ize of the steps is small enough to disguise the jaggedness.


          Be sure, too, that you are using High Quality Display for the best possible view on screen. View > Display performance > High Quality Display