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    Tabbing between list items

    EricJ32 Level 1

      I have a list of text inputs (as shown below). I would like a user to be able to tab between them so they click into the first, then tabbing takes them to the second, then onto the third.

      What actually happens is that when they tab from the first, the list itself gets the focus.


      How can I make it have the behaviour I'm after?






              <s:ArrayCollection id="dp">







          <s:List dataProvider="{dp}">



                      <s:ItemRenderer autoDrawBackground="false">

                          <s:TextInput text="{data}" />





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          EricJ32 Level 1

          Well, I found a solution for myself.

          When the list is created, I iterate through the renderers and add the TextInputs to an array, which I then use as the focusableObjects (mx_internal) array in a new FocusManager.

          Activate this FocusManager, and deactivate the standard focusManager and I can then tab through the inputs in the list.