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    Effects with text


      Does anyone know of any tutorial that teaches how to do these effects with text?





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          bogiesan Level 4

          Do you mean the flashing obnoxious illegible stuff or the 3D tracking?

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            Wilson Level 1

            Yes brother! Text and timecode.


            How do I find out about it? What keywords should I use?



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              bogiesan Level 4

              After Effects is a kitchen. It's not a cookbook. And there is much more to using this metaphor than putting a frozen entrée  into the microwave.

              You have everything you need, it's just not given to you as a recipe for that specific effect.

              The AE help system and the many tutorials that came with After Effects will show you how to animate text.

              You will need to learn how to use motion tracking in the same way.

              You may need to learn how to use the planar tracking system, Mocha, which is not for the faint of heart.

              Like learning to make soufflé, you need the basic tools, fresh ideas, high quality ingredients and sufficient fundamental experience with all of the toolsm, techniques and ingredients. You will fail many times. Once you've discovered certain truths and universal, reliably repeatable steps, anything is possible within the kitchen.


              Suggest you invest in ayof the many AE books by Trish and Chris Meyer or visit their website for several hours before you attempt to use the more advanced resources you can easily find online.

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                Wilson Level 1

                Believe me, I know work with mocha and tracking moving, just not sure how the guy made to the text being written and blinking rapidly.


                Sorry my english, im brazilian.




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                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  There are lots of effects presets that do blinking and decoding text. Go to Animation>Browse Presets and take a look at a few. Reveal the animated properties of the text layer by pressing UU on you keyboard and modify them for your design.