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    InDesign Crashing when trying to save, print or export the file.


      I have spent a lot of time the last few days going through the forums of InDesign Crashes, I know a lot of them specified that they person was using a Mac.  I am using a PC, Windows 7 machine.


      I have deleted the font cache, the workspace cache and several other options that were mentioned in the forums.  My issue happens to both exsisting files as well as "newly" made files.  Any document I try to save, print, or export shuts down ID CS5.


      I have removed any plugins I have added, uninstalled and reinstalled the program.  I figured I would reach out to the forum users who I am sure are more knowledgable than I am on issues before deciding to go back to using Quark.


      I have a brochure that is due and I am basically at square one because it won't save the file.


      Any suggestions and help are greatly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance.