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    How to use FW with Photography?


      Hello all,


      I am a newbie to FW. And also a newbie to DSLR photography. As part of my first task as a photographer I would like to enhance the colors of some of my existing photos.


      Where do I start? Are there any good websites for this specific topic?


      All comments are appreciated. Thanks ahead of time!

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          JoyceEvans Level 3

          Do you have Photoshop? That is the best application for photographs UNLESS you are preparing them for web use. It also depends on what enhancements you want. In the "filters" area on the property inspector are "Live Effects" Under Adjust color you can edit levels and curves. Again it depends on the purpose of the images.

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            dujsu Level 1

            @joyce thank you for the response. I do have PS. Although I will typically be presenting my photos on the web. I will try out the filters you suggested in PS, I found similar filters in FW, but I will compare the features and see what works best. Thanks again.

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              JoyceEvans Level 3

              For images used on the web I have used Fireworks live filters. Levels and curves and there are  lot of blending modes. You can actually do a lot in FW to photos. The filters in the property inspector can be turned on or off and undone. If you use them from the "Filters" menu at the top the are permanent...well except with undo :-)

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                I use Fireworks for some photo work, but in general something like Aperture will yield better results. If you're new to DSLRs, do yourself a favor and shoot in RAW, although that will require Aperture/Lightroom/Photosshop.