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    border on PIP

    Jim Curtis Level 3

      Is there a border effect for a PIP I create by scaling down a secondary V track?  I can't seem to find one.  I found drop shadow, and edge feather, and searched the Effects pallete by name for "border."


      Some of the transitions have borders, which you can color, adjust thickness, etc., but apparently, not a PIP.


      I read a while back that the Mac version has fewer effects than Windows, but this one seems it should be in a basic toolkit.



      Jim C.

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          You'll have to do this manually.  Create a new matte the color you want for the border.  Put that under the PIP video, and scale it just a little bit larger than the PIP.

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            Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            The "roughen edges" effect can be used to create a border.  Play with the settings.

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              Stephen_Spider Level 3

              From an earlier post:

              "One of the basic tasks that I do repeatedly is create frames for cropped, resized, or lower resolution video clips using the Title Maker.  It is a simple sequence with two tracks, video on lower and frame above. To make the frame, I just put the cropped, resized video on track one, then open the title maker and draw a box over the video, being sure to match the size neatly. Next, I add a stroke to the box then un-check the Fill Color attribute toggle of the box. That leaves the stroke as a frame. Then I adjust the stroke's attributes until it looks the way I want and then lay the title\frame over the video on the timeline. Done. To repeat the effect on another clip of the same size\proportion, I just duplicate the sequence in the project widow, rename it, then replace the video track in the sequence while keeping the frame intact. Any motion attributes can be copied and pasted."


              Lastly you use the sequence just like a video clip for other sequences.