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    Using old Context Sensitive Helps in RH9

    Maury boy

      We just upgraded from RH8 to RH9.


      We have a great deal of CSH files that are very old (possibly started in RH5???) and I need to know how (or if) they can be used in RH9.

      The files import into the Project Setup panel when the project itself is loaded, but where to go after that I don't know.


      Previously the CSH files were kept in a separate folder, and from there I launched an interface (with the very old "Blue Sky" logo) and I could edit the CSH and save it to the .hlp file and it worked in our program (right-clicking a field or button would display a flyout with some info).


      Now I don't know where to go with this. I spent hours on the phone with Adobe RH "experts" but they can only give me the very basics of creating new CSH.


      We need to make a change because our old (current) way of making CSH is not compatible with 64bit systems. They tell me that RH9 CSH is completely compatible with both 32 and 64bit systems.


      I would appreciate any suggestions.