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    Adobe Reader X printing Outlook 2007 email attachments


      In previous versions of Adobe Reader, in Outlook 2007, my end users could highlight an email click on File/Print, check the box to "Print attached files", and the email and ALL the pdf attachments would print perfectly.

      Now, in Reader X, it will print the email and only ONE of the attachments.  Then an adobe recent documents window appears and a error saying "document could not be found" for all other attachments.


      If I actually open the email and run thru the same steps, everything prints.  However, this is not productive.  End users need to be able to hit the quick print button while the email is highlighted and have everything print out in one motion.

      They do not have time to close each error window, and the recent window.  Nor do they want to have to open each email in order to get things to print properly.


      I found the link to the Acrobat Ninja where a registry hack is given to remove the Welcome screen, but that doesn't help with this problem.  And this is a BIG problem.


      Does anyone have a trick, hack or suggestion to workaround this problem?  Is there an update or patch?