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    Line Breaks in Section Markers


      I have a document that in which I am using section markers, for both items by the page numbers as well as divider pages. However even though I have a large text box in the master page for the dividers, In-Design Jambs the text on to one line rather than breaking into multiple lines. Is there a way to allow the text to break?



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          Grant H Level 4

          huh? revise the question...

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            Pease_75 Level 1

            Ok so I guess that was a bit odd...


            I have found info that states text variables do not allow text to break on multiple lines.


            When creating a new section, there is an option to add a Section marker, less common practice with text variables, but what I was attempting to do.




            I have a text box that will allow 60 characters to flow correctly before it would break to another line in a typical text setting with 30 lines available. I insert the marker "section", rename the section and it shows up on the pages in the document, Easy.


            Here's the rub, I have a section marker that is 90 characters, rather than it breaking onto the next line it jambs the text into the single line.


            What I am trying to do is to have the section marker break on multiple lines, rather than condense into a single line, is a section marker defined as a text variable, and is not able to break into multiple lines?



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              [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

              Section markers cannot break across lines (text variables can't either, aside). 60 characters is a bit lng for a secrion marker, though. I think they were meant for something like "A".

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                Grant H Level 4

                without knowing why and what you want to do (and  using section marker to do "it")  I am positive this workflow is bad...


                there are a number of better ways to achive what I think you are trying to do. (which is to have a runner next to the page number) The way I would do it is create a master page for each section (you can base the master page on another...) apply the master page to the relevent sections. Then you can change the master and all applied pages will be updated.