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    Fit source clip into empty space on the timeline?

    Stephen Barrante Level 1

      Let's say, for example, that in the middle of my sequence I have a few seconds where there is audio but no video. Without having to measure the exactly duration of that gap, I'd love to simply be able to grab a portion of footage from my source panel and drag it into that gap and have it automatically fill it without going past the start point of the next clip. Unfortunately the standard "insert" or "overlay", doesn't accomplish this. Insert pushes everything down and Overlay doesn't care about what video might already be there, and simply overwrites footage depending on the in/out point of the source.


      I'd think there would be a modifier that automatically truncates the clip shorter than the source so it only fits in the space available. Is there a trick to doing this? Fairly new to Premiere, I'm sure it's easy - and I'm just missing it.