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    Flash builder 4.6 with Flash CS5.5 mobile work flow

    swfisgood Level 1

      I have a mobile application built in flash professional. For captive runtime or native extensions i use the command line.

      I now want to start using flash builder, as i hear this is the undisputed better coding environment.


      In flash builder, i created a 'flash professional project' to work on my app with both tools simultaneously.


      I thought flash builder 4.6 would give me options like captive runtime or native extensions without using the command line.


      However i dont see these options at all. When i am using a 'flash professional project' in flash builder, am i essentially just using flash builder as a code editor, and all export settings are still handled in flash IDE ? Meaning i cannot take advantage of captive runtime+ ANEs unless using an 'actionscript mobile project'


      Please advise.



      Also, even if i use it as just a better code editor, i am not finding it better so far.


      syntax highlighting seems poor

      simple things like touch events.

      function parameters or inside the function like e.touchPointID , e.stageX


      none of this is highlighted.


      or as simple as


      the .x would normally be highlighted, but it is not in flash builder.




      Basically, i am finding as a tool to use with flashIDE as a flash professional project, so far i am seeing no benefits. Please help me to discover what i am missing about this editing environments mobile work flow.


      also when i hit ctrl+s to save my work, it jumps between the two programs... saving the project i suppose? hard to just quickly save as you go in case of crashes and such.

      (using winsows 7)