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    PSE 8 and ACR 6.2

    paulr49 Level 1



      I have PSE 8 which currently has ACR 5.5 installed as a plugin. This will not read raw files from my new camera (Sony Alpha 580). I have down loaded ACR 6.2 to see if this would support the files, followed the instructions, moved the 8bi file as instructed, but it still shows version 5.5, even if I doubleclick the new 8bi file. I am running windows 7/64 bit.

      Update - I copied over the "Win 64" version of the 8bi file. This doesn't show as having installed, despite the fact that I am running 64bit windows. I've replaced it with the 32-bit version, which runs and shows it as vewrsion 6.2. Eureka. It doesn't support the sony A580.

      How do I get ACR support for my camera? I don't see that I should have to buy a new version of PSE!


      Hope someone can help - thanks