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    Flash player not working




      Iam working on Windows 7 64-Bit with Chrome 16.0.912.63 m. I was accessing the site http://gamewom.com/?page_id=152 to play one of flash based program. I was using all this while fine, but since my last windows update flash started behaving bit strange.


      The moment I start the game (after I click on the Start the Race), the flash displays a running progressing bar which continusously moves on but the program does not start.


      I tried to un-install flash player and reinstalled the same but no use, I am running with the same problem.

      At this point of time the only option left for me is to do the system restore to my last backedup version, but thatz not an option I wanted to understand the core problem so that I can fix it permanently.


      Please help.