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    very frustrating to color correct in Pr

    Jim Curtis Level 3

      I need to color grade for broadcast using an external monitor. 


      I have the AJA Kona LHi with the latest drivers.  IT WORKS PERFECTLY WITH Ae and FCP.


      But, with Pr, when I attempt to color grade, I have the following problems:


      - Monitor doesn't update with each change to the plug-ins.  It does with FCP and Ae.  I have to jiggle the CTI to get the image to update.

      - Image often just vanishes from my monitor.  This doesn't happen with FCP or Ae.

      - Scopes do not update to reflect the changes I've made to plug-in parameters.  They do in Ae (with Test Gear) and FCP. 

      - Some times the "offline media" image sticks in the scopes, and doesn't go away.

      - I often have to quit and relaunch Pr to get it to update the monitor.  Then, it works for a few minutes, and then stops working again.


      Today, I'm editing ProRes 4444 footage shot in SLOG, using an AJA Preset created by dragging footage onto the Document icon in the Project window (so my Sequence settings match the footage).


      This must be either an issue with Pr or with the Adobe AJA drivers.  Since Ae works very well with the same plug-in, I have to conclude that this is either a bug in Pr, or some setting I'm overlooking.


      Any ideas?