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    Are My Links Really Broken?

    friedlanders Level 1

      I'm currently working in RoboHelp HTML  - the Updates link is inactive.


      RoboHelp shows that I have 5 missing topics. Each one identifies the same links to the topic. I've gone over the links on the identified page again and again and can find nothing wrong. Most of the links are to bookmarks, but links to other bookmarks are not identified. If I click the Restore button on any of the References, I get a message that says: The filename is invalid. The '#' character cannot be used in a path. (For instance: Part_416_Group_Family_Day_Care_Homes.htm#416.2 Procedures for Applying for and Renewing a License.) Other filenames with the # character are not identified. (I may be mixing apples with oranges here, but thought I should let you know anything I noticed - unfortunately, I'm not a programmer.)


      When I check the links the identified page, they all seem to work fine. Any idea what may be happening? Thanks so much for any assistance.