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    Flex CSS error


      This may seem like a dumb question. I am new to Flex 3 and truly kind of new to developing. I have a lot to learn and books are my source of information. So, here is what I did and what happens.

      I created a new Flex Project, added a folder called 'assets' to the project. Then I created a new .css file and placed it in the assets folder. First problem: when the .css file was being created i get an message that CSS files can only be created within a project source folder. I don't want it there so I moved it to the assets folder. This is according the book I am currently using "Flex for Designers". I used the Flex Style Explorer site to create my CSS. And pasted it into the .css file. I added the style source to my main.mxml and get the following error: Problem finding external stylesheet:/assets/customstyle.css. Shouldn't I be able to have that .css file and really any images or other assets anywhere within the project as long as my pathing is correct? And although I do get the error, the CSS does apply to the mxml. So why do I still get the error?

      Thanks in advance for your advise.