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    How to bookmark the program for easy access.


      I would like to know if there is a way to create a bookmark for this program so that instead of having to go into My Documents, then My Digital Editions, and clicking on a book, I can say add a shortcut to my Start Menu, or to my desktop.  I have tried searching in the forums but have come up empty, and any help would be appreciated.  Thank you.

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          Derek Leng Community Member

          Hi Elena,


          I'm assuming your are pointing to problem "easier access to the books", am I right? Can you see your books from ADE library? You may launch "Adobe Digital Editions Preview" directly from your desktop and look for the books from Bookshelf "All Items". If you cannot find them, you may add them into library first by pressing Ctrl + O (Command - O on Mac OS X), or choosing menu from File -> Add to Library. Once the books were added into ADE library, you may have more feature such as

          • quick access to your last read book / recently read books (menu File -> Read Recently),
          • adding / managing bookmarks / annotations on your books, and
          • categorizing / managing your books with customized bookshelves (create and drag books into it).

          For the detailed instructions, please read the book with your new ADE "Getting Started with Adobe Digital Editions 1.8.1 Preview", or post your questions here.


          Otherwise, if you are pointing to problem "easier access to ADE program", it has already placed a shortcut named "Adobe Digital Editions Preview" during installation on your desktop (Windows only, for Mac OS X, you may only find it from Applications and pin to dock by yourself if necessary). You may check it and double-click it there. It's no necessary to launch program by clicking a book. Actually if you double-click a book to read (not from ADE library), you may miss some features as I mentioned above.


          Good luck!