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    List Control with cornerRadius > 0


      I want to make my List control to have nice rounded corners, so I set it's cornerRadius property on let's say 10.
      The problem is that, when I move mouse cursor over first or last element on the list the list item background is changing and drawn over rounded corners.

      What is the simplest way to fix this? I want to use the simplest item renderer as possible.
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          levancho Level 3
          just a thought what if you give itemRenderer also a roundedCorner value of 10?,
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            PawelJ Level 1
            It would be great ;-)

            1. I would have to use item renderer which has a cornerRadius property (TestInput for example) and I want to use as simple item renderer as possible.
            2. It would not fix anything. There still would be rounded corners of TextInput and the background with square corners.
            3. It would give rounded corners to every item of the list and that’s not what I want to do. I want them to have square corners except of the top-left and top-right corner of the first item and the bottom-left and bottom-right corner of the last item on the list.

            Thanks for the thought anyway :-)