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    Exported pdfs - Linked file not dispalying correctly on some machines

    daevaux Level 1


      I'm creating several PDFs in InDesign CS5.5. I'm creating links to different files in InDesign using buttons. The pdf links work correctly on all machines and open the file theyre supposed to. I run into a problem on some machines though. The first page of the newly opened pdf opens completely gray... nothing displayed. If you hit page down and then page up, page two displays fine, and page one then appears fine from that point on. On some machines it's a little slow to display, and goes from gray to displaying the page in about one second.


      Does anyone know why this would be happening, and how to fix it?


      They are created on a mac, and the problem is present on some macs, but not others, and seems fine on PC. It's also worth pointing out that it isn't the speed/power of the machine, because the older less powerful machines have no problems with it.