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    Digital Editions and Kobo Vox


      Does anyone know if there's a way to transfer purchased ebooks licensed through Digital Editions to the Kobo Vox? It's not on the list of supported ereaders, although other Kobo ereaders are on the list. Is there a work-around, or will it be supported eventually?


      I just installed and activated Digital Editions on my desktop computer (under Windows 7) and I'm able to read an ebook on the desktop. But when I plugged in the Vox with a USB cable and started up DE, it didn't seem to recognize it. I didn't get any error message or ask me if I wanted to activate the Vox, it just started up normally. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to turn on USB storage on the Vox or not, so I tried it both ways, but it didn't make any difference.



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          Found another thread on the same topic. Sorry for the duplication, but when I searched for "Vox", nothing came up. It wasn't until after I posted my question that I found another thread listed under "More Like This".


          By the way, I tried online chat with an Adobe support person, who after about 20 minutes suggested I buy another ereader. Not a very helpful response, IMO. I said I liked the Vox, and wouldn't be using Digital Editions. Not al publishers force you to go through Adobe for licensing ebooks, although it would be nice if Adobe supported the Vox. Maybe some day.