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    HTML Files Showing as TOC


      I am completely new to RH. It seems that my HTML Files in "Project" are showing up in my TOC pod. I used to have a very specific TOC. I need to get my old list back. I read about the "Auto-create TOC" button, maybe I pressed this, I'm just not sure what happened.


      I looked in "WebHelp (Primary Layout) Properties" and the check box for "Syncronize TOC" is NOT checked...should it be? There is a drop down next to it for "Automatically" or "Manually" syncronize. Any suggestions would help! Thanks

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          I doubt that Synchronise is the problem here. It is more likely that you did indeed use the autocreate button.


          Your options are:


          - Trash that and start again manually.


          - Edit the TOC you now have.


          - Make a backup of the project as it is now. Then use Windows Explorer to copy in the the HHC file from an earlier backup and reopen the project.


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