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    Have several Hi 8 tapes needing captured to digital files for conversion to DVD; need advice...

    I M Strugglin Level 1

      The tapes are from an old Sony TRV-308 (Hi8, non stereo).  Has an S video out and the standard 1/8" A/V out.


      Will PRE 10 capture the video with the correct capture card?  What capture device do you recommend for a x64 bit Windows 7 machine?


      Also, which format would you capture the video / audio?  DV-AVI?


      I have a 1 TB drive for Video and 1 TB drive for audio set up in a raid (mirror) so really four 1 TB drives.  So storage shouldn't be an issue.   I also have 2 360 gb 10,000 rpm raptor drives setup in a raid 0 (striped) I only save program files and files I am currently editing to.