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    Reverse compatibility between RH 7 & RH 6


      We are several colleagues using RH6 under Windows XP.
      I will soon get a new laptop with Vista (how lucky I am :)) I understood that RH 6 & Vista were not compatible, I will then have to buy & install RH 7 (unless I am wrong).
      The point is that some colleagues will still use RH6.

      Will we still be able to work on the same projects? In other words, is there a reverse compatibility between both versions, allowing a RH 7 project to be used with RH 6?

      Thanks in advance for any clue. And sorry for spamming in case the question was already asked...

      Best regards,
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Florence and welcome to the RH Forums.

          You are right that RH6 is not compatible with Vista so you would have to upgrade to RH7. However RH7 is not backward compatible due to the unicode features and the lack of Kadov tags. Therefore your options are to:

          • Upgrade and only work on projects that are never likley to be used in a previous version.
          • Upgrade everyone else to RH7 - they don't need Vista.
          • Get everyone else new laptops too
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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
            Welcome to the forum.

            With previous versions it has been possible to some extent to do what you want. Not advisable but possible.

            With this version that is not possible. You might experiment using the various methods and you will be able to open the RH7 project in earlier versions. Wait until you try to save your work though.

            There's a lot more in RH7 so you might all want to consider upgrading. At one time the upgrade was only $80 but that offer finished. You might still find it from some vendors.