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    How to setup project using the correct vid settings


      Hi Guys/Steve

      apple macbook pro, lion

      elements 10, licensed version ie not trail.


      How can I identify exactly what my new project settings should be when I want to setup a new project.

      I have a dvd with a number of vob files.

      The vob files play great in vlc on my dvd player.

      If I use standard setting, see print screen.

      Screen Shot 2011-12-29 at 9.12.09 AM.png

      When I click get media the files are imported.

      When I try to play them (after rendering), the first second they play, they are clear, but then they go blurred, in a similar way to the difference between hd in youtube and 240 rate.


      So I tried setting up the project clearly using the wrong settings. When I insert the video into the timeline, the application tells me its the wrong setting and do I want it to automatically change the settings to suit the video, if I say NO, then the video plays without being distorted and blurred, however it jumps because it is the wrong setting.

      If I say YES, then the video plays but plays blurred.

      This tells me that the application cannot identify the correct video project setting for this or any other file that I insert be it from vob or avi.


      Here is a printscreen of the file properties, maybe this will help. It wont upload here so I will add to next string.



      Many thanks