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    Fix: Pen Pressure not working in AE? I found a workaround.


      I had a problem today, where my Wacom Intuos3 tablet was not working in AE CS5.5. This is in Windows 7 64-bit. When using the Brush tool, none of the tablet-specific features like Pen Pressure or Tilt were working. The pen acted just like a mouse. In brief, I found that AE seems to be binding to the Wacom Mouse driver before it finds the Wacom Tablet driver. I came up with a workaround:


      1. Make sure you have a mouse or other pointing device attached, besides your tablet.
      2. Open Windows Device Manager
      3. Open the Mice and Pointing Devices group
      4. Disable the two devices: Wacom Mouse and Wacom Mouse Monitor
      5. Launch After Effects
      6. Enable the two devices disabled in the step above
      7. Pen Pressure and other tablet features should now work


      I wrote up all the details, which you can find here if you like: http://aaronkondziela.com/2011/12/wacom-pen-pressure-problem-in-after-effects-cs5-5/ . I also filed a bug report with Adobe, as it seems that it may be an issue in AE.


      Hope this helps someone out! Pressure is essential for the brush tool, makes life so much easier.


      - Aaron