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    Can a student purchase both PC and MAC versions of the creative suite master collection?

    vjadore Level 1

      Hi, hoping someone can help.


      I started my course on a PC (I had only recently had a PC built when I started, therefore I couldn't justify buying a Mac at the time). I'm now about to purchase my first iMac and I am still a student so I will need the creative suite on the Mac. I have the Master Collection CS5 for PC.


      I am unsure whether they allow a student to purchase both platforms?


      I am fine with uninstalling the PC version. I know I won't be able to transfer the PC CS5 to Mac CS5.5. If I need to pay for the student version of the Master Collection for Mac, I am able to afford that (barely, but it's a necessity!) however there is no way I would be able to afford the Retail version.


      What are my options?


      Thank you for your help in advance.