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    SpanColumnTypeOptions.splitColumns undefined error or bug?


      Hi Experts,


      I'm getting error when i execute the below js code:


      # ------------------------------------

      Error number: 2

      Error String: SpanColumnTypeOptions is undefined

      # ------------------------------------


      # ------------------------------------

      myDocument = app.activeDocument;

      myDocument.paragraphStyles.add({name:"title", pointSize:22, leading:24, startParagraph:StartParagraph.nextFrame});

      myDocument.paragraphStyles.add({name:"subtitle", pointSize:18, leading:20, spanColumnType:SpanColumnTypeOptions.spanColumns, spanSplitColumnCount:SpanColumnCountOptions.all});

      # ------------------------------------


      Basically my script adds two paragraph styles, there is no error with first pstyle but with the second pstyle it throws 'SpanColumnTypeOptions' undefined error.


      Please let me know your idea on this?