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    SkinnablePopUpContainer and closing problems


      I have a mobile applucation with a skinnable popup container, I want to use this custompopup to show a message when the application perform background activity... (like sql query, etc)...


      Let's assume I have this code:



      var p:PopUpAvviso = new PopUpAvviso();
      p.setPopUp(width,height,"Title","Text"); // public PopUpAvviso Function
      var l:Function = function(result:SQLResult):void{searchSuccess(result,p);};
      var l2:Function = function(result:SQLError):void{searchError(result,p);};
      responderAsync = new Responder(l, l2);
      var a:SQLStatement = SQLConnectionWrapper.instance.getUsersList();



      Then in the searchSuccess



      private function searchSuccess(result:SQLResult, p:PopUpAvviso):void
        if ( result.data != null ){
      private function errorSuccess(result:SQLError, p:PopUpAvviso):void


      Everything seems working fine, the popup open and close at the right time

      but sometimes the popup won't close, in those case I tried to put a button on the component (popup) with the action `this.close()` dispatched after the click, but the popup won't close either...


      Any guess?