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    buttons deactivited sometimes in Flash Player?

    r_tist Level 1



      Never experienced this sort of buggyness until now. My Flash presentation SWF is uploaded to the web, within an HTML page.

      Not always, but sometimes, when I log onto the page, I am noticing glitches. For example, the interactive buttons created and embedded within the Flash are not functioning at all.

      It's as if they are dead. - It took a few times of opening and closing the browser window and calling up the page again to then get it to work properly again. End-users will not do this.


      Any ideas why this is happening? Also, when items within a SWF are non-functional like this, does it mean the player needs to be updated again?

      - My content is loading dynamically by the way.


      Looking for some insight and a full proof solution so this does not happen again.