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    Audio on video export sounds like machine gun


      I have an issue with a sequence. When exported there is no audio, just a sound that sounds like like a computer machine gun, a repetitive rat a tat tat. Tried different computers and codecs with same result. Audio is fine while editing and haven't ran into this one before.



      AVCHD Shot with a sony handycam AVCHD 60i 29.9 sequence setting.

      Audio was also captured externally with a zoom at 44khz 16bit

      Also includes surround sound from Sony.


      Have exported with H264 Youtube HD preset, then HD 1080p preset as well at Quicktime uncompressed.

      Running CS 5.5 just updated

      Mac OSX 6

      I've turned off all the sound exported as well as removed all of the audio effects, and still got the noise, tried to export just audio as well.



      This is a repost, Thanks for your help,