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    GL9 and Lion?

    The Real Thorzdad Level 1

      Have any GL9 owners made the transision to OSX 10.7 and gotten GL9 to work? It's a Universal app, so, in theory, it should work.

      Would GL9 require installation of Java? Lion does not come with Java installed. You have to download and install it seperately.

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          GL9 seems not to work with Lion. It is a Universal App but when I start GL9 I always get the message that Abobe Golive can not be opened because PPC software is not longer supported. No I ask me and the community why Lion can not open a Universal App and tells me that it is a PPC software?????

          Does anybody know the reason for this behaviour ??

          Kind regards

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            At the time GL9 was released, there were no Macs without Rosetta yet. So sloppy quality control at Adobe could not test GL9 on a purely Intel system.  It seems that they may still have some stray PPC code in there.