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    ASUS SABERTOOTH P67 B3 Revision Motherboard for CS5?


      Good afternoon and Happy Holidays to all...


      I've been lurking this forum for at least 3 weeks now amongst others to soak up as much as I could regarding my new endeavor of video recording/editing.  I'm looking to have a Cpu build which would be used to run Adobe CS5. Mainly Premiere, Photoshop, AE, in addition to music production software as well.  The unit will double for editing, and audio recordings and productions.  Specs for music production are very minimal when compared to the builds for video editing, so I'm building with the priority being running the Adobe suite because the music programs such as Ableton and Propellerhead Reason can be run smoothly on a dirt cpu...


      These are the specs and build I have w/ assistance from the salesperson at Comp USA.  I have never built, so I'd rather pay 180.00 for someone to build for me before I ruin $1,600 worth of parts.  In addition, the warranty on their custom builds are quite cheap as well.  I've done extensive research, and the only snag for me is the "newness" or lack of reviews for this motherboard w/ Adobe Premiere.  I've noticed the GTX 560Ti isn't on the list of Adobe's list of approved NVIDIA cards, but yet it comes highly recommended, so I should be able to pull off the hack.   Any guidance or changes recommended?


      processor: i7 2600K

      mobo: ASUS P67 Sabertooth B3 Revision

      GPU: GTX 560Ti 2TB

      PSU: CORSAIR Professional Series 850W

      HDD: Not Sure/ but at least 2x1 TB Drives AND 1 500 GB Drives for OS and Programs

      RAM: CORSAIR or G.Skill 16 GB Ram

      optical drive: Not sure yet @ least $100

      case: COOLER MASTER (Full size) not sure what model...


      We totalled out at around 1800'ish w/ warranty and build total. 


      Thanx in advance!!

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          BrianV25 Level 1

          One more thing to add... The music production will require the use of one internal PCI card, or possibly an external sound card such as a MOTU Ultralite or MK3... and the type of video I will be editing is AVCHD from a Panasonic TM900 and a Cannon 7D.... 



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            BrianV25 Level 1

            anyone?? recommendations?? insight?? yay or nay?

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              JEShort01 Level 4



              I build my own, and admittedly I enjoy it.


              From that experience though I can share that building out a PC to run Adobe well on AVCHD codec materials (i.e. HD video, DSLR video, etc.) is not quick and is not easy. Also, I'd estimate only about 50% of the effort is spent finalizing budget, selecting hardware, ordering parts, assembling the PC, and loading Windows. Then, count on about the same amount of time to tweak, tune, etc. to get Adobe really humming. Finally, teams like Best Buy's Geek Squad, Dell's sales team, and CompUSA technicians are very unlikely to be able to help you much with this.


              So, where am I going with this... If you (or anyone lurking this hardware forum) wants to pay someone to assemble parts that you select I would suggest paying more and getting WAY more by going with ADK.


              Their "value add" can really make your life better!


              Do post back if you really do want to pay someone to do the build and will look forward to spending 4 to 8 hours to do the rest of the setup - indeed with awesome help from this forum - and I'm sure you get some attentive response regarding the hardware list.



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                BrianV25 Level 1

                Thanks a million for the reply Jim!!


                ADK was my first choice after extensive research.  I would love to have a machine built by them!! But this unit will be financed and not purchased all at once.  Recently engaged+holidays+moving into a new place= smart budgeting.... Otherwise, the ex-bachelor in me would have jumped at one of their units!!


                Once again thanks for the input.  The unit I've spec'd out seems to be VERY much on par with what many of the 'regular helpfuls' around here would recommend except for this Sabertooth board.  Not much feedback on it since its new.  From my research though, its supposed to be the top of the line version of the other P67 Revised B3 motherboards ASUS has released for the Sandy Bridge.

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                  JEShort01 Level 4

                  Gotcha Brian,


                  So considering that you will be putting in "sweat equity" into this build, I would suggest that you select your parts, order them from NewEgg, etc., save on tax, save your $180 to assemble the PC.


                  Your build list looks good. I'd suggest the following tweaks:

                  - add a dual-fan push/pull CPU cooler

                  - HAF 932 case ($140 after rebate)

                  - 2x2TB 64GB 7k3000 Hitachi 7200 rpm drives $199/each; I know drives are expensive now, but these are a GREAT value (more platters = more speed, larger capacity so they will remain fast when you have 1TB of files loaded

                  - 12x LG blu-ray burner $70

                  - G. Skill RAM (1600 speed, CAS 9, make sure exact part # is shown to be compatible with your MB choice on G Skill's web site)



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                    JEShort01 Level 4

                    PS - actually "building" the PC is not really that big of a deal and it will give you comfort and knowledge on maintaining the system as long as you have it. Techs do make mistakes and taking the PC back into even a local CompUSA to me is more painful than cracking open the case and doing self-repairs. Do spend some time in this forum regarding things like drive configuration, bios settings, overclocking, etc. BEFORE you insert the Win7 installation disk.


                    And, GOOD LUCK!!!

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                      BrianV25 Level 1

                      Thanks again! Those are the hard drives I'm considering... Samsung Spinpoint or Hitachi... Ur assistance is greatly appreciated as i'm in the process of buying this evening...

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                        BrianV25 Level 1

                        Dang Jim!! LOL... I was thinking to myself that I can probably build it myself, but decided not to... Now you've got me geeked up again.  I'm pretty much fearing frying the motherboard or supplying an electro-static charge to the parts rendering everything useless... Is it really as easy as everyone says it is? I'm rather a novice techie, but i've always been able to add my own memory, insert sound cards and other "under the hood" work required to upgrade Cpu's.... but i've never built my own, and didn't wanna take a chance on this much $$$....


                        in addition i could also skip out on buying the warranty from CompUsa as well. 

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                          illucine Level 1


                          I recently built my first computer and really had no problems with the hardware.  It was a more expensive system than yours and I was scared to death of frying a $1000 CPU (990X).  I took my time and used both an anti-static wriststrap and an anti-static mat to lay the motherboard on while I was inserting components.  Probably overkill but I figured an extra $25 was worth it for a newbie handling expensive components.  I crossed my fingers and held my breath the first time I turned on the power and was greatly relieved when it passed the smoke test (if you don't see any smoke, it passes).  It detected all the memory and hard drives and everything came up just fine the first time.  It's been a great learning experience.  Good luck with your system.



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                            BrianV25 Level 1

                            Thanks... I went ahead and had them build it... i'm thinking it would be foolish to pay them $280 for a 3 year warranty, but I hate when have errors with the OS that i can't seem to fix.  My friend suggested I just make sure I backup often and if anything occurs, just do a system restore...