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    OT: Dr. Seuss's "Oh Say Can You Say?" featuing Adobe Pi Std

    TᴀW Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      "Said a glyph-searching parrot name Hooey,

      The words in this font are all phooey..." etc.


      So, Oh Say Can You Say:


      Right-shaded white rightwards arrow,

      Left-shaded white rightwards arrow,

      Black-tilted shadowed white rightwards arrow

      Front-tilted shadowed white rightwards arrow

      Notched lower right-shadowed rightwards arrow

      Notched upper right-shadowed rightwards arrow


      And finally...


      Heavy upper right-shadowed white rightwards arrow


      "Are you having trouble

      in saying this stuff?

      It's really quite easy for Adobe.

      They just look in their glyphs

      and see what they say,

      and then they just say what they see."