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    Animation Help - Trace Path



      I am looking to create the appearance of a shape being drawn. I need a few shapes, but for the example think of a simple U.  I have tried several different approaches.  First, I tried a shape tween at 45 degree increments.  That was a wrong approach.  Then I tried using After Effects, but the movies lacked flexibility and were laggy.  Currently I am building the shapes using two shape tween MCs(an arc that goes 11.25 degrees and a line that goes 21px), and repeating it.  This seems to be working, but is very tedious, and lacks flexibility.  i.e. if I decided I want the shape just a bit shorter I have to remove the MC incident from every frame.  Also I have no possiblity of changing the speed without completely rebuilding the shape becasue I'm doing a frame by frame animation.


      Any Ideas would be appreciated.