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    Looking for help with a project




      I am a psychology student and have the need to edit a flash game for use in a project. Having no programming experience, this is proving to be an issue! Kglad has been kind enough to attempt to assist me (http://forums.adobe.com/message/4109088#4109088) however my lack of knowledge in the field has let me down!


      To summarise:


      The game is used to measure risky decision making. The player presses and holds a button to accelerate and the longer they hold it, the more points they get. However at any moment, a traffic light can turn red and if the player is still holding the go key, they will lose their points. If they let go before the light turns red, they are able to keep the points. After 15 trials, the points collected are summed for a total score.


      Here is the game for download if you want to try it out: http://www.usc.edu/projects/matherlab/resources.html. I have the FLA file too.


      The program reports back several pieces of information (including length of time acceleration key is held, number of points etc) via an SOL file. These are vital to my project. However I have not been able to locate the SOL file (after having tried several directories -running windows 7). The aim is to take this information from the file (there will be 100+ participants) and copy it into an excel file as the authors of the initial study suggest in their instructions. My partner and I will be running two instances of the game. I asusme that two SOL files would be made that we need to combine in one excel spreadsheet.


      As I have never used flash before (currently have 13 days of a trial period left) I was wondering if anyone would be willing to have a go at locating the file/find an easier way to collate the data.


      Many Thanks