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    Kinetic Scrolling, TabBar & other native features like animations

    Air Try


      I'm considering building a mobile app with AIR, but there are still some things I need to know.


      1. Kinetic & Elastic Scrolling (also elastic)

      Is this already build-in, or how can it be made using flash and AS ? Also is it lag-free and feels native ? So the user doesn't get annoyed by slow performance.


      2. TabBar

      I need to use a TabBar like the default TabBar on iOS. Is there a function or component which does this native in air ?


      3. Native & Animations

      Are there other native parts in AIR that can be used, like native animations for page swipes or page slides.

      If not, how do you do these animations, and do they run smooth ?


      BONUS Question:

      Would it be wise to use a 3rd party framework like jQuery touch to build my interface, displaying it via a webview in air ?