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    Passing data from linked component?

      Greetings - I'm trying to capture click data from a ratings component. The click handler is with a .as file that is embedded as a namespace in the app tag. I can get it to show me an alert with the clicked value, but I cannot get that value assigned to anything within the main MXML application, like a text field. ? App is here, view source on. http://host1.fusiontools.net/~frutista/gallery/gallery.htm

      Code in question:
      <controls2:Rating id="ratingExample5" value="{slideRepeater.currentItem.rating}" showSelectedValue="true" />
      <mx:Text text="Currently selected value: {ratingExample5.selectedValue}" /> - this shows undefined always

      Question is: how to assign a root level variable from within an included .as file, which isn't included so much as imported.