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    12" 13" or 14" notebooks that can run CS5.5 half decently?




      I am buying a new laptop with the intention of doing some HD video editing. When seated at my desk I will use an external HD monitor, but I am looking for a fairly compact laptop so I can remain portable.


      Are there any models that are reccomended? Seems most 13" are without discrete graphics. If I was to have a dual core i7, what does this lack of discrete graphics mean in real terms? For example if I was editing HD AVCHD what sort of extra delays would I experience? Would the interface be unusable? Or just slower? By 20%? 50% 200%?


      I would prefer a 13" machine and have even been looking at the Lenevo x220 12.5" machine. If I get a 14" machine there tends to be more potential for discrete graphics - but since I'm not doing CS5 stuff day-in-day-out it isn't the only determiner of my purchase. Whatever I buy, it would be with a SSD.


      Any specific recomendations for 13 or 14" machines most appreciated.



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          JFPhoton Level 3

          .....I'm using a 17.3" screen, 1920x1080, and even that is "pushing it"....to go smaller is going to be painful...not to mention the minimum screen resolution required to display the full interface of the program, so you don't cut off vital areas.....maybe those new video goggles will work !!!

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            RjL190365 Level 4

            Here's the deal:


            None of the laptops with such small screens have a native vertical screen resolution of greater than 768 pixels. Adobe requires a minimum vertical screen resolution of at least 900 pixels in order to even display the bare minimum of vital required work areas. This means that running CS5.5 on a display with such a low vertical screen resolution will almost certainly be extremely frustrating because some of those vital work areas will almost completely disappear at such a low resolution - and there is no way at all whatsoever to bring them back.


            Second, you will not find much, if any, ultra-compacts that have even the minimum CPU horsepower that's required to run CS5.5 to what I consider anyone's liking. If anything, such ultracompacts might run Premiere Pro CS5.5 slower than even the slowest system on the PPBM5 results list.

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              Jeffstez Level 1

              Thanks for the replies!


              What minimum CPU would you advise for running CS5.5?


              As far as screen size goes - any laptop that I look to get would be capable of displaying 1920x1080 on an external monitor. Likely 95% of any CS5 work that I do would be using an external monitor so I am far less bothered about the screen resolution of the laptop itself. While I'd like at least 900 vertical pixels on a 13/14 inch machine (there are a few!) its not a total deal breaker for me because of the external monitor.


              I was thinking about these all with an ssd:


              Lenovo x220 - Intel Core i7-2640M Processor (2.8GHz, 4MB L3, 1333MHz FSB), 8gb ram, intel 3000 integrated graphics, 12.5"

              Dell e6320 or e6420 (13/14" respectively - Same processor, or a quad i7 is available for the 14", 8gb ram, integrated graphics or discrete option on the 14" of NVIDIA NVS 4200M


              How is that Nvidia NVS 4200M for CS5.5? Is anyone able to give some time based example difference in performance between the 4200m and the non-discrete intel integrated 3000 graphics?


              I'm guess my current position is that I will not be buying a 15" or larger laptop at the current time - so while the smaller ones might not be perfect, I'd rather buy something that will let me do the odd bit or work when needed (albeit more slowly than I'd like). Perhaps I should be more accuratley looking for the 'least bad' 12-14" machines



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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                You must have some SM traits, to want to remain portable with a machine that does not meet minimum requirements, is around 80 - 100 times slower than a desktop and that requires you to carry an external monitor and an external eSATA disk around. So much for portability.

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                  RjL190365 Level 4

                  In your case, the Intel graphics and the NVS 4200M are roughly equal overall to one another: The NVS 4200M is based on the cheapo GeForce GT 520M, with its paltry 48 CUDA cores and skimpy 64-bit DDR3 memory bus. With such extremely low VRAM bandwidth, the NVS 4200M is so slow, especially in MPEG-2 DVD and H.264 HD encodes, that you might as well lock CS5.5 to the MPE software-only mode permanently.

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                    JEShort01 Level 4



                    First, to answer your question without breaking any rules, the Sony Vaio Z-series laptop can be purchased with a HD 13.1" display (1920x1080), built-in RAID 0 SSD (2x256GB, 512 total, this is REALLY built in as in on the motherboard, but extremely fast) and would be my pick if I had to select a 13.1" laptop to run CS5/5.5 on assuming that you are working with something like ACHD video (much more challanging that DV).


                    Disadvantages are numerous though:

                    - nVidia hardware video is not available, so no Mercury Playback Engine benefits (MPE)

                    - lously Sony support

                    - pretty expensive

                    - only dual core so far as I'm aware

                    - limited RAM


                    Now, to be infinitely more pratical, but staying below the VERY heavy and BULKY 17" class of "desktop replacement" laptops, could you seriously consider something like Sager's NP8150 15.6"?



                    - i7-2670QM quad core and it's more expensive brothers and sisters is awesome for laptop video editing

                    - killer display and has a "95% NTSC color gamut" option (1920 x 1080)

                    - good cooling (to satisify workstation and gamer needs)

                    - nNidia GTX 560M and GTX 580M video options (support MPE very well)

                    - 16GB RAM option from Sager is very affordable compared with Dell, HP, etc. and for only a $1000 over that you can get 32GB of RAM (Dell I think charges $3000 for that same option for their Precision Workstation 4600 laptop)

                    - they have a factory available 2nd hard drive option, replacing the optical drive (get a usb optical and you are set) - dual (or more) hard drives helps CS5/5.5 quite a bit

                    - Sager gets very high marks around this forum for running Adobe, typically in their 17" class 3-spindle class



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                      John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Some ideas for a Laptop Video Editing PC from past discussions



                      http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/searchtools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=637440&csid=ITD &recordsPerPage=10#

                      -NOTE only 1 hard drive in above, so you will need to add a 2nd drive or use eSata for video files

                      -or Google "ASUS G74SX-BBK7" (without the quote "" marks)

                      -or another brand laptop with the following features

                      -the newer sandy bridge 2720 or 2820 quad processor

                      -and nvidia graphics preferably the 460m, 485m is a bit much

                      -1280x900 display with OpenGL 2.0-compatible graphics card

                      -and 8 or 16 gig ram and Win7 64bit Pro

                      -and 2 internal 7200 HDDs minimum

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                        Jan Janowski Level 1

                        I can tell you that a Dell Insprion 1720 that has W7-64 loaded on it, with 2 Momentus XT drives on it, CAN run SD DV25 media on it...

                        But the display card, the embedded Intel display card WILL CHOKE on AVCHD 1080i media @ 24Mb/sec, even with a ESATA Raid 0 array...