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    Unable to Save the Generated Report in Adobe Reader x


      We have a working Live setup which u can access to verify our Problem of not able to Save a Generated Report in PDF format only when we use ADOBE READER X, where as it is working fine in ADOBE 9.


      The following are the Steps to be followed.


      1. Connect to the URL:

           Username: amey

           Password: 111111

      2. Navigate to MyWork>>Favorite Projects>>Project1>>Project Monitoring>>ReportList

           In the Report List kindly Select the Team Member Allocations under the Resource Reports.

      3. On clicking the Team Member Allocations a report will be generated.

      4. In the Generated report Click on the PDF Icon which appears on the Top Right Hand Side.

      5. A Pop Up will appear which generates the report in ADOBE X.

      6. Now try saving the Report generated in the PDF formate by clicking the Save Button on the PDF for using shortcut Ctrl+Shift+S.


      7. Expected Result: The Report must get saved in PDF format successfully.

      8. Actual Result: Unable to save the Report.